Value Added Solutions
  • Custom Printing (Marking)
  • Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Cable Assembly
  • Power Solutions
  • Kitting
  • Bagging
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • E-Procurement
  • Tech Support
  • Bill of Material (“BOM”) Tools
Inventory Management
  • Bonded Inventory
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Kanban
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
    Inventory (SMI/VMI)
Packaging | Custom Printing (Marking)
Taylor offers custom printing and marking for its components. Markings are used as a way to identify and label wiring circuits and cable connectors. Markings are a great way to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Opening up a control cabinet and being able to identify the circuits and connectors through identified markings when there are thousands is a huge benefit.
Looking to get your electrical components printed and marked?
Contact us about your marking needs.

Packaging | Tape and Reel Packaging
Taylor offers tape and reel packaging to its customers. The ability to provide taping for all tube and tray products is an incredible value to customers. We are able to provide the highest level of quality control as well as provide custom reel counts to meet our customer’s manufacturing needs.
Looking for custom packaging for your tape and reel components?
Contact us about our Tape and Reel services.

Packaging | Labeling
Taylor offers custom labeling to its customers. We can create custom labeling to assist the customer with receiving, identification, and stocking. We can create labeling in a variety of standard formats to fit the customer’s needs. As us about the RFID labels.
Looking for custom labeling to help your products stand out?

Contact us about our labeling services.

Assembly | Cable Assembly
Taylor offers product assembly to its customers, such as flat cable assembly, electro-mechanical assembly (Box Build), and wire harness assembly, fan assemblies, and fan trays. We are also able to modify components per the customer’s request. This streamlines the assembly process at your facility, saving you time and money in purchasing, receiving, manufacturing, and testing. We do all the hard work, so you won’t have to!
Looking for a great way to get your assembly duties taken care of?
Contact us about our product assembly services.

Assembly | Power Solutions
Taylor is an authorized stocking distributor for over fifteen (15) world class power supply manufacturers. We are certified by UL, TUV, & CSA to configure, integrate, perform final assembly, and test modular AC to DC Power Supplies for two top Power Supply manufacturers. In addition, we are able to add input and output cables, perform special testing or “burn-in” per the customer’s specifications, or provide special packaging solutions.
Everyone uses power, let us solve your power requirement, and then pipeline the inventory for you, eliminating the lead time.
Assembly | Kitting
Taylor offers its customers the ability to receive parts in kitted form. Kits are produced based on customer requirements, and as simple as a power supply with an AC Power Cord, or may contain all the components required to build a sub-assembly. Kitting allows the customer to reduce the number of SKU’s, inventory, and eliminates unnecessary cost. Custom kits can contain parts from different manufacturers. No need to purchase, re-organizes, and re-bags parts on your own.
Looking for a great way to get your related parts packaged for your specific needs?
Contact us about your Kitting needs.

Assembly | Bagging
Taylor offers Bagging for its customers when it comes to shipping your electronic components. When components are being shipped they are prone to some damage due to electrostatic discharge. Bagging provides multiple layers of protection against not only the electrostatic but also normal mechanical damage due to shipping.
Looking for a way to protect your components to the highest quality during shipping?
Contact us about our Bagging options.

Purchasing | EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Taylor offers customers the ability to exchange data with us via EDI. This allows for a level of flexibility and efficiency in the exchanging of recurrent business. Orders, order acknowledgement, shipping schedules, manifest, invoices and other information can be exchanged via EDI. These processes reduce the manual processing by automating transactions.
Looking to be more efficient, save time, and reduce costs?
Contact us about our EDI offering.

Purchasing | E-Procurement
Taylor offers e-procurement to its customers. This provides the ability for our customer to check price and availability, place orders, submit expedite register, change shipping schedule, review backorders, and retrieve invoices and purchase history all from one place. E-procurement allows our customers the flexibility and ability to self-serve when they want.
Looking for an efficient way to get your entire consumer services met in one stop?
Contact us about our e-procurement services.

Purchasing | Tech Support
Taylor offers technical support resources to its customers. Being in the electronic component business for over 40 years Taylor’s has vast knowledge and expertise in the field. If you are having an issue with a new design, a production run, or a specific part number please allow us the opportunity to help.
Looking for technical assistance in design or purchasing?
Contact us about how we can help!

Purchasing | Bill of Material ("BOM") Tools
Taylor offers its customers BOM management tools. Have a BOM that you need quoted? No problem! Send it over and we will get back to you promptly with all the data to aid in your purchasing decision.
Looking for help or a quote on your BOM?
Contact us about getting a quote and volume pricing quickly!

Inventory Management | Bonded Inventory
Taylor offers its customers the ability to manage their inventory needs by way of bonded inventory. Bonded inventory allows our customers to reserve inventory and ship it on a as needed basis. Customers can define their own unique shipping requirements to meet their specific and time sensitive demands.
Looking for your inventory needs to be bonded and your product to be shipped at need?
Contact us about our bonded inventory services.

Inventory Management | Consignment Inventory
Taylor offers inventory on consignment to its customers. Customers who have consignment inventory keep a small amount of “safety stock” in their warehouse. The safety stock is replenished automatically through Taylor supply chain. The safety stock is owned by Taylor and the customer isn’t billed until the stock is used. No risk to the customer makes consignment inventory appealing.
Looking to have immediate access to inventory and billed when the stock is used?
Contact us about our consignment inventory programs.

Inventory Management | Scheduled Orders
Taylor offers its customers the option to schedule orders. Customers can place an order and have the inventory sent at once, sent in stages throughout the year, or set up a detailed schedule to have their entire inventory shipped to receive at the best time possible. This service allows our customers to open up warehouse space, increase purchasing power, capital, and to open up the purchasing channels for the buyers.
Looking to order ahead of schedule and have your inventory shipped and delivered as you need it?
Contact us about scheduling your orders.

Inventory Management | Kanban
Taylor participates in a Kanban scheduling system, a system that trickles down to ensure that our customers can always get the stock that they need when they need it. Kanban is a logistical chain that works from a production standpoint to keep stock needed in a lean and just-in-time schedule. Taylor works with our suppliers on this scheduling system to ensure that our stock levels match what is being disbursed.
Looking to reduce the added costs of your supply chain and get your stock in a JIT manner?
Contact us about our Kanban program.

Inventory Management | Vendor/Supplier Management Inventory (SMI/VMI)
Taylor offers VMI/SMI programs to its customers in order to reduce costs and provide operational efficiency. Utilizing our VMI/SMI program also allows our customers to focus on other aspects of their business while we manage the inventory. Taylor will manage your procurement and inventory when needed. VMI ensures that the customer is always fully stocked with inventory for point of consumption.
Looking for a VMI/SMI program that suits you?
Contact us about how we can bring unique solutions to your procurement and inventory processes.